By Raymond Lumagsao

When we are confronted with no better chance, we are forced to love the less and worse, sometimes with corresponding conditions. We are compelled with the idea that when we disregard an opportunity, it may not end up working, we have only expedited losing our stint for an admired choice. It’s actually insane when we attempt to adapt to a situation that’s not parallel to our inner desires. Somehow it means discovering what else we are capable of. Don’t be too hard on yourself for letting go of a chance you are too weak to grab.


Everyone is heading to unique destinations, the time spent in the journey doesn’t matter. What count are the stories it creates making it in the end. Inevitably, you suddenly became skeptical about your plans. You would feel burdened realizing you have become brittle to the things you genuinely love. You would wonder, could someone really survive the demanding waves of unforeseen misfortune? One must have the story now and soon, we will find out on our own traces the answer as well. Forgive yourself for not having the answers to your questions now.

You may have also thought that the real world doesn’t really complicate someone’s life when there’s already a foundation-education. All this time, you have been constantly visited by the same nightmare discovering how cruel can be the situation sometimes. You will be forced to give up your drive over something and worse, you will either murder your inner capacity as you settle for less and unwillingly, you will look for alternatives that would lead you to doing the things you are not interested about. Forgive yourself for not defending your passion when there was actually a chance.

In a certain time, what agitate you to move forward seems to go well. Until one handful situation is suddenly overlapping with another, that’s the only time you realize in fact, you have not been equipped in succeeding what we thought pro-survival surprises. The only thing you can wish for is to not basically fuck up. Failing when you are most unprepared can lead to more horrible outcomes. You either bury yourself down the line or if rising up had been your previous thing, your recovery would be ascertained anyway. Forgive yourself for failing in the worst way possible.

There will be overwhelming opportunities, many will choose the same thing over the same time for convenient reasons. A few others however, may not understand an opportunity chosen by many can still be a less-traveled journey for someone. That’s when someone felt that he is lost and he is condemned by the world and by his adored choices. Not making it to a place in an organized time can be a question of capability unfortunately. Forgive yourself for not meeting people’s norms.

Some people, if not everyone, believe that time constitutes so much to someone’s journey. The more we are running out of time, the more we are demanded to put our best foot forward; for the one thing that pressures us more is time. We all are stressed of waiting but we turn to be more depressed than ever when we struggle running after time. As to reality, we are most likely to choose our self-desire over what is at risk when we lose the rush, when we can’t turn back the clock. We will discern most likely in favor of our short-lived enjoyment. Suddenly, the amount of force we have to exert has actually led to a farther and painstaking restart. Forgive yourself for spending your time in the most irresponsible manner you can choose.

Perhaps, our plans will later turn into a never anticipated success someday. The weight that we carry now is enveloped with possibilities that we gracefully brace with anxiety, which somehow makes us feel we are running low. Falling short is a fear we inherited through experiences in the past. The anxious tendency is brought to us by the fact that every time we realize we did not reach the norm, the redemption is a hellish process and you are not spared to going through the same thing over and over again. The underlying procedures are demanded with the future where one failure can constitute to another as we attempt to revive our angst to rising up again.

While we ideally convince ourselves we are heading through a long way; that we are aiming to float again from a deep sunk, our strengths are not maximized, huge part is because of our internal struggles. We are welcoming more our state in mind and the conditions that successfully control our entire being than keeping intact what made us the person that we are today—the person that is courageous enough to accept a failed journey, a believer in the influence of time and a person who doesn’t equate himself within his current reach.