By Zion Del Rosario

PHOTO: AFC Official

In the coming editions, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) will unveil a new set of logos for its major team and club competitions across radio, television, and different social media platforms.

The rebrand, together with AFC’s exclusive commercial partner FMA, has undergone deep collaborative efforts and an extensive consumer research across Asia for 15 months in order to deliver a unique design dedicated to the confederation’s various tournaments.

In addition, the theme used for each logo is inspired by football stadiums and kits by Asian national teams, as well as a resounding motif based on places deemed remarkable in the history of Asian football.

For a confluential sensation, the same fundamental elements are shared between the AFC Asian Cup, AFC Women’s Asian Cup, and AFC U23 Asian Cup logomarks, as they also feature their own trophies.

The new branding is also given the ability to adapt under the local elements of the host member association depending on the tournament.

In order to emphasize its commercial significance, the AFC Asian Qualifiers - Road to Qatar, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifiers Final Round receive a unique logotype.

Meanwhile, the AFC Champions League logo showcases Asia’s iconic architectural design as well as a vibrant reflection of its mostly young fanbase while it also infuses different elements from various regions of the continent for its trophy.

The AFC Cup logo now demonstrates inclusion by incorporating five colors representative of the continent’s regions.

“We are delighted to start the new year with all-new AFC national team and club competition brands. The AFC strives to make its competitions even more relevant for its diverse fanbase while showcasing their unique reputation as Asia’s most popular football events. I am convinced the new visual identities will resonate strongly across Asia and worldwide, and I am looking forward to the new look and feel across social media and TV broadcast,” AFC President Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa said.

“Today is an important day from various perspectives: fans of Asian football can enjoy and experience the new AFC competition brands, while sponsors and broadcast partners, as well as clubs and Member Associations will start to actively use the exciting new visual identities to promote AFC competitions to their audiences. A proud moment and a major milestone as we are moving into a new era of Asian football,” Board Member and CEO at FMA Patrick Murphy also added.

With a new look and feel, AFC hopes to further achieve heights by expanding its fanbase not just in Asia alone but also across the world.