By Jed Nykolle Harme

While some people can let go of the relationship once it’s over, there are others who are unable to do so.

Coffee Drama, a local band in Aklan just dropped their music bomb as they gave us a year-end surprise. They released their new song ‘Martyr’, their 3rd single under Viva Records. 

As we admit it or not, the title itself allows you to bring out all of your #feels. Whether your heart is broken or in a happy relationship, the band's painful anthem brings you catharsis.

Photo: Coffee Drama FB Page


Coffee Drama is a 3-piece rock band from Aklan, Philippines who is known for their great contribution to the music industry in the province. They have worked hard producing original songs for almost 10 years. 

They continue to support the art scene in Aklan by upholding an annual event, The Bomb and The Barrage of Aklan Indie Rock Brigade. This event is one of the largest art fests in Aklan that caters not only musicians, but different local artists all throughout the province. 

Their band has this famous tagline “Life is like a cup of Coffee with a blend of Drama.” The band shares a common love and passion for music. Vep Vega on vocals and guitar, Cyd Arellano for Bass and backing vocals, and Diob Vega for drums.

Coffee Drama is an Alternative Rock or Indie Rock band. People often say that the vibes of their music are ‘Tunog Kalye’, but it is merely a guitar driven with a punky bass and drum lines sounds. 

Photo: Dodge and Burn Images


Martyr, according to biblical stories, are described as someone who suffers persecution and death for renouncing or refusing to advocate a belief as demanded by an external party. But I guess Coffee Drama isn’t lost with this idea, because the song perfectly portrayed someone who suffers death after death for refusing to move forward even after the relationship is over. 

The song explores the life of a person who holds on in a certain relationship. The one who scratched wounds, who grieved over scars, and who memorized bruises. 

This brand new song is for those people out there who are still open to work things out no matter what the situation may be. 

“Olats, nangangamoy olats ako. So what, hindi susuko sa’yo.”

The anthem is for people who are willing to wait for love even if it’s already almost impossible.

“Kunwari, kunwari superhero ako. Sorry, hindi susuko sa’yo. Maghihintay, baka sakali ay maibigay kaunting pag-ibig na tunay sa mundong sumasablay.”

This expresses the feeling of pagiging ‘Tanga’ of a person who holds on too much and fights for love despite the unrequited love.

“Nakakahawa nga ang pagiging tanga kaya heto at sa’yo umasa pa nang ganito, hay naku! Nakakabobo.”

This band unveiled Martyrdom in a most expressive and emotional way of saying ‘I still love you and I am willing to endure this pain you’ve given me.’

“Pero okay pa at mahal kita. Nagmumukha na akong gago sa mata ng iba, ‘di ba? Martyr masiyado.” 

Some people may hold onto the past because there’s something about the trauma they like. The song Martyr doesn’t want us to romanticize pain that still stings. Rather, it reminds us that it’s totally fine to embrace every detail in the past that once makes us happy. 

Photo: Dodge and Burn Images


This song is very personal to the composer that is why, even the concept of the music video is packed with personal touch based on the experience of the writer.

“Ang kantang ito ay masiyadong personal para sa akin. It’s all personal. This is for the pain I’ve felt,” said Vep Vega in an online interview as he revealed the unique sentiment of their music video. 

In the first part, the band members were naked and were left with nothing but red paints in their body. These unusual images uniquely narrates the true essence of the song. 

“Wala kaming damit. Kulay pula lang ang mayroon kasi pagmamahal na lang ang natitira. Ubos na halos lahat, naibigay na.” Vep said as he utters that in reality, people still choose to give love even if it’s painful.

He also made this video highly relatable by using the symbolism of color red as a paradoxical combination of love and heartbreak. “Para sa akin, ito ang tunay na ibig sabihin ng martyr,” he added. 

Vep also unveiled that even the windmill and its rotation has a hidden meaning that adds flavour to the overall impact of the song. “Just like the windmill, this is how my love goes — paikot-ikot lang,” Vep said. 

This song also helps the tourism of the province as the video promotes the hidden beauty of Aklan by featuring Pawa Windmill in the municipality of Nabas. 

“Minsan coffee, madalas drama,” Vep shares as he mentioned that their songs don't have any curses at all. But in this piece, the composer didn’t think twice to put it.

“Normal sa tao na nagmumura kapag nasasaktan nang todo, it’s all because of pain. Sa kantang ito, maririnig yung mga salitang Tanga, Bobo, Gago,” Vep said as he feels that curses is a requisition that suits well in Martyr. 

If you haven't listened to this song yet, you can stream it on Coffee Drama’s YouTube and Spotify account and let sadness be with you no matter what love status you are in right now.