By Elyjah Rosales

PHOTO: Abogado PH/and-a-half PH

Following the controversial “rape-slay” turned “aneurysm” case, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) condemned some of the Filipinos’ “unacceptable” victim-blaming and gender stereotyping remarks turned at Christine Dacera.

In a statement, CHR Focal Commissioner on Woman and LGBTQIA+ Issues Karen Gomez-Dumpit lamented how this could disrespect the victim and her family.

“Victim-blaming is a violation of a woman’s dignity and shifts the focus of the investigation on what the victim wore, the company she kept, and the places she went to,” told Gomez-Dumpit. 

She also stressed out that these movements attack the alleged perpetrators’ community.

“This normalizes predatory sexual behavior of men, dismisses diversity of sexual orientation, and digresses from the task of properly inquiring into a case of gender-based violence,” the commissioner explained.

“While it is true that the crime of rape can be committed regardless of the sexual orientation of the perpetrator, in this particular case, the premature announcement of rape and murder is simply irresponsible and reckless,” added Gomez-Dompit.

To date, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has yet to release the additional information they acquired. 

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