By Rjay Zuriaga Castor

PHOTO: Bright TV

Two of the suspects Valentine Rosales and Rey Englis broke their silence and denied accusations of their involvement in the rape-slay case of friend Christine Dacera, a 23-year-old Philippine Airlines (PAL) Express crew member.

“The truth will set us all free. I don’t need your apologies when that time comes but please offer it through prayers for Tin and her family. I will never deactivate my social media kahit i-bash niyo pa ako ng i-bash,” part of Englis’ post read.

Rosales, meanwhile, aired his statement via Instagram stories.

"The truth will prevail. Social media fabricate the story too much... Alam mo ikaw (Christine Dacera) ang tranny ng barkada and let's prove to them what really happened, na walang foul play..." the Instagram story wrote.

“Absurd fake and disgusting, super imbento talaga ng social media ilabas niyo official copy ng autopsy report. Walang gumalaw kay Tine! Siya pa mismo ang nag-book ng hotel under her name. God’s the witness, truth will always prevail,” he added.

He also posted a picture of him and his colleagues dressed-up in a female clothing and in an attached caption he said: "Push niyo yan. Justice will prevail, there's a rainbow after the rain."

On the same bid, another Facebook user who claimed to know some of the suspects defended them.

“Mahirap paniwalaan yung gang rape kasi I can attest from personal knowledge, power bottom yung ibang suspect nyo. Yung iba mas malambot pa sa gulaman,” wrote user Lorenzo Bukas.

Bukas likewise called on the authorities to release the autopsy report.

“The Police found a convenient distraction that will make the nation explode, kaya kahit na namatay sa aneurysm yung girl, since she was with the company of guys, ipupush nila yung angle na gang rape, kahit naghuhumiyaw ang foundation at microbladed na kilay ng mga suspect,” the user said.

“Try harder PNP. Labas nyo autopsy. We don’t want another injustice in seeking justice,” he added.

Furthermore, Avie Santos, one of Dacera's good friend and also of the suspects' broke her silence regarding the issue.

"It's about time to break the silence and let the truth prevail. Media can really altee the story to make it juicy," she wrote in a Facebook post.

"These people arw not rapists. Most of them are my friends and one of them is my best friend na parang kapatid ko na... Inosente yang mga 'yan. Ilabas niyo ang autopsy report na aneurysm yung kinamatay," she added.

Santos also disclosed that the suspects named by the police authorities are gays.

"I'm like (Christine) who always go out with them na ako lang babae kasi puro mga bakla yan. I can attest you, mas gentleman pa sila sa mga lalaki. If only cameras are everywhere, makikita niyo paano sila magalaga ng babae. Sa skincare pa lang na malabong papatol sa (babae) yan. Bottomesa pa nga halos lahat," Santos said.

In a press conference Tuesday, Sharon Dacera, mother of the victim vowed to fight for her daughter.

“Ang sakit-sakit pa ring i-accept ang nangyari sa anak ko. The only thing I can't do is I want to have my daughter but her life is no more. Laban ito ng mga inapi, inabuso at sa mga kababaihan. Ilalaban ko 'tong anak ko. Iyong mga perpetrators, dapat maparusahan. Hindi deserve ni Christine 'yung brutality na ginawa. Dapat maparusahan sila,” she said.

Atty. Brick Reyes, spokesperson of the Dacera family said the case is still ongoing, as well as inquest proceedings “so we cannot mention names and discuss the merits of the case.”

“When we saw the certificate of death, we took photographs of Christine's injuries to show that what kind of autopsy is this? Why did you not specify the other injuries? Right now there are three suspects who have been detained in the Makati police department and are respondents in this case at the same time about seven who have not been detained or not been investigated properly,” Reyes said.

Reyes said drugs were used on Christine and she was abused prior to her death. “That is why we charged the respondents with rape and homicide.”

Dacera family's spokesperson also refuted rumors that Christine was a "loose person."

Police authorities said three men have been arrested and charged over the rape-slay of flight attendant, while nine others were considered at-large, including Valentine Rosales and Rey Englis.