By Deighton Acuin and Archie Villaflores


“Netizens can’t get enough of Tita Mel!”

During the Monday broadcast of 24 Oras, Veteran Anchor Mel Tiangco introduced the segment of the historic landing of National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Perseverance landing and the Filipino-American engineers who have made this happen.

As Tita Mel reporting the segment, the studio turned into realistic animation of the Red Planet and a rover swooping in.

She trended online after netizens got impressed with the visuals, even hilariously labeled the anchor as the “First Pinay on Mars.”

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions:

“When 24 Oras flexes their AR graphics, it's definitely meme-worthy. Here's Mel Tiangco anchoring live from Mars. 😂,” @JayrWritesJourn wrote in a tweet.

“ngayon, bukas at magpakailanMARS. Mel Tiangco lang sakalam,” @_joycerist said.

“congrats po tita mel as kauna-unahang pinay sa mars 😍 #proudpinoy,” @russelldaviiid tweeted.

This was not the first time Tita Mel went viral of reporting with state-of-the-art graphics. In February, she was named as “Mother of Dragons” as an animated dragon entered the studio to mark the celebration of Chinese New Year.

Meanwhile, when Taal Volcano erupted last year, Tita Mel came on trend after “24 Oras” transformed into Taal Lake, with a volcano beside the veteran anchor.

Many people found it hilarious and said they were concerned that Tita Mel was "stranded."

It turns out that Tita Mel isn't the "first Filipino on Mars," however. Pia Arcangel and Arnold Clavio apparently beat her to the Red Planet in last week's "Saksi."