By Rjay Zuriaga Castor

PHOTO: Panay News

A puppy with a rare congenital condition that causes just one eye to be developed in the middle of the forehead was recently born in Aklan, but died shortly after its birth. 

The owner, Amie de Martin, decided to preserve the puppy's remains as a remembrance to their family. It was  injected with formalin and kept inside a jar on Monday, Feb 8.  

Over the weekend, photos of the unnamed newborn male pooch were posted on Facebook over the weekend by its owner, which according to her is a mixed breed of an Aspin and Japanese Spitz, and is one of the six puppies that were born in the province on Saturday evening, February 6. 

The puppy’s condition called “cyclopia” is a rare birth defect caused by abnormality in brain development, wherein there is a failure to develop two hemispheres, which leads to structural deformities of the head and face. This unique cephalic disorder is the most severe type of defect among infants, both in humans and animals, and is linked to low survival rates.