By Elyjah Rosales

PHOTO: Rappler/Presidential Photos

President Rodrigo Duterte’s demands about the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) on Friday are still unanswered as United States (US) showed no signs of complying.

In an address, Malacañang reported the US’ failure to either offer or inquire regarding the “pay” they need to make in “compensating” the problems the country may face along the way.

“If they (US) ask for what our demand is, we will give it. But right now, I think it’s premature because there’s no offer, there’s no inquiry so far,” presidential spokesperson Harry told via video call.

Roque, accordingly, clarified that what Duterte wants from the US is not monetary value but “anything” they can give.

“Payment is generic. It can be anything... Wala namang (there is nothing) specific,” added the spokesman.

Prior to this, Roque correlated a study comparing the amount Pakistan and the country have been receiving for such agreement. 

“Pakistan got $16 billion. We think we should get something similar or close to that amount, but definitely not the amount we are currently getting,” the Palace spokesman noted, informing that the PH only got $3.9 billion.