By Deighton Acuin, Prences Albis, Sydney Alipao, and Archie Villaflores

Photo courtesy from Unified Youth San Joseño

In times of coronavirus pandemic, being a volunteer is more crucial now to the society than ever. For you, what does volunteerism mean?

An organization in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan held an online seminar tackling the importance of volunteerism and how it can be done by balancing studies and voluntary works.

For Samahan ng Kabataang Boluntaryo ng Pilipinas National Auditor Mr. Benedic Tondag, the first speaker of the webinar, you can do any voluntary works if “it is your passion.”

He also emphasized that volunteerism would last long and that will not hinder your studies.

"You will do whatever you are going to do if it is your passion,” Mr. Tondag told more than 50 Unified Youth San Joseño participants.

Meanwhile, for Ambagan PH Education Ambassador Ms. Samantha Gabronino, being a volunteer is like “saving a drowning kid.”

“Helping the kid is the right thing to do…Kung lahat ng bata [ay] marunong lumangoy, walang malulunod,” she said, adding that the youth must be unified. 

Furthermore, Gabronino said volunteerism has three aspects namely assessment, urgency, and community engagement.

“Volunteering needs assessment about what the community needs. Volunteering observes urgency. In a crisis like a pandemic, what the people need is urgent support.”

“Community engagement by connecting with other members of the community,” she added.

Furthermore, Kaisa ng Kabataan ng Minuyan Proper (KKMP) President Lawrence Casiroman, the third speaker, pronounced that being resourceful and practical is needed to be an efficient leader. He added that everyone’s health must not be compromised.

"Hindi lahat ng ganap ng org ay dapat attend-an. ‘Wag mong pipiliin nang bara-bara ang volunteerism. Ang volunteerism ay palaging nandiyan. Kung hindi na kaya ng oras mo, ibigay mo na sa iba.”

He further emphasized that every volunteer should try new things to explore.

"'Wag nating takasan ang responsibility. Wag pangunahan ng hiya,takot. Explore things, try new."

He ended by encouraging the participants to share what they have learned to others. 

"Kahit saan ka makarating, ang principle mo ay ang identity mo,” he said. “Kung ano ang natutunan niyo, magagamit niyo [ito] sa ibang bagay,” Mr. Casiroman ended.