By Jennylou Canon


Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque slammed government critics’ “crab mentality” over President Duterte’s alleged pretention on being poor during his birthday celebration last March 28, Sunday.

Roque said that Duterte did not show extravagance as he kept his birthday celebration at home simple.

“I don’t think the President ever pretended to be poor. He has always been known as simple and that’s why he did not have guests on his birthday,” the spokesperson said.

He later added that he thinks it is crab mentality as Duterte never pretends and only has simple celebrations.

“I think it is crab mentality really for anyone to suggest that the President was pretending. No, the President never pretends. He’s known for his authenticity. He has simple celebrations and I think that what happened to his birthday,” he added.

Duterte’s “simple birthday” drew flak online after photos of prepared foods actually included a lechon, as opposed to Bong Go’s picture of the President blowing a candle on a cup of rice instead of a cake.

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