By Jed Nykolle Harme

Hearing truths are often hard to swallow pills. Sometimes, it will slap you hard in the face. However, it could also be helpful. As it puts you in your own discomfort, it means that you recognize your reality correctly. Here are five uncomfortable truths you need to deal with: 

Quitting is for winners.

Contrary to the typical opinion, quitting is actually for winners. Resigning ourselves to the things we can’t control allows us to see the beauty into the things that matter. Knowing when to quit, following redirections, leaving toxic situations (even people), and understanding that some things are not working anymore, are some skills winners in life have. 

But don’t quit because it’s hard, quit because it’s not worth your energy anymore. 

Happiness can’t be found elsewhere; it is where you are right now.
Most people are finding happiness outside themselves. This is a vital mistake. The reason why people are not satisfied no matter how perfect their life could be is because they are depending their happiness to other people. 

Happiness should be found within yourself. It is where you are right now or nowhere at all. Until you let go of the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are. 

Regret will haunt you more than failure. 

Life is so short yet we spend so much time being afraid of trying. We aren’t even realizing that a lot is at stake in taking no risks—loss of growth, progress, chances, and learning.

Regret is the thing we should fear most. You will never know how it will haunt you for the rest of your days, whether to the things you didn’t do, choices you didn’t make, or the things you didn’t say. Regret will haunt you more than failure. 

Sometimes, you are also a toxic person.
As much as we want to remove toxic people in our lives – at some point or another, we have been toxic to someone too. We all have shitty traits to begin with.

We give negative or unsolicited advice, we are controlling, we are inconsiderate, we gossip behind our friends back, and there are tendencies that we are jealous of someone else’s success. Toxicity ruins relationships. So before it happens, make sure to try calling yourself out. 

It’s not your responsibility to fix damaged people. 

Your act of helping someone should never outweigh the responsibility of helping themselves. It is not your job to rebuild your partner’s self-esteem after a toxic relationship has left. It’s not your responsibility to tear down the walls they have built. It is not your responsibility to deal with their past traumas. 

Because the truth is, no matter how broken and terrified they are, their healing is their responsibility— not yours. 

Accepting uncomfortable truths doesn’t mean you have to like them, you just have to deal and accept it as it is.