By Jed Nykolle Harme

Life is a cup of coffee and your mugs hold more than just a story to tell.

From forming the clay on his hand up to carving custom designs, creating a mug is a labor of passion for this small entrepreneur in Imus, Cavite. Zaid Diaz 29, is an artist behind this small DIY business called Muginhawa. 

Zaid Diaz, 29, is the founder of Muginhawa. (Photo Courtesy by Drickson Bornales)

Diaz hand-crafted each of his mugs with elegance and beauty as he customized tumblers and mugs made out of clay since 2018. He is deeply passionate about creating pottery mugs that integrate detailed artistic creations to artfully represent his business.

Some of his designs are Baybayin, dogs, cats, ethnic design, skulls, and flowers among many others. 

Muginhawa customized mugs and tumbler designs. 

His situation then pushed him to stay focused in creating his handmade creations at home. 

In creating these mugs, Zaid’s hands mold the clay into a product that is unique. He may have different specifics for his designs, but since they are all handmade, each of his creations is different in some ways from the other. 

Customized orders from Muginhawa Shop. 

Aside from taking orders online and delivering it nationwide, Diaz also said that he placed his handmade custom mugs selection in People’s Park Tagaytay and Kaybiang Tunnel in Cavite. 

Customized orders from Muginhawa Shop. 

For Diaz, life is a cup of coffee and your mugs hold more than just a story to tell. When looking to truly enjoy your coffee drinking experience, you should not doubt a handmade mug can offer to you.