By Deighton Acuin


“Parang ‘yung gobyerno, parang manok na naputulan ng ulo.”

This was what newspaper columnist and Philippine special envoy to China Ramon Tulfo had to say as he pointed out that the government is “running without direction.”

Interviewed over News5, Tulfo also gave the government’s coronavirus response a four out of ten rating.

The journalist also expressing his concern over his friend, President Rodrigo Duterte, for a two-week absence after he conducted his regular address on Monday. He added it is important for the public to be informed if their leader is well amid emergencies.

Further, Tulfo hoped that Duterte will not be like former President Ferdinand Marcos for keeping the health state a secret to the public.

Earlier, a Social Weather Station (SWS) survey showed that 65 percent of Filipinos believe that releasing Duterte’s health condition is a public matter.

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