By Jennylou Canon


After considering running for the presidency in 2022, Senator Richard Gordon is willing to let go of his plans "if there is somebody better."

"If there is somebody better in terms of integrity, in terms of plans for the future, and they can back it up with real experience, not just popular experience or not just because they are powerful or they are the child of... I'll let it go," Gordon said on Monday.

The senator said he considered running as he is "one of most qualified" to govern, especially during the pandemic.

He also added that during his term as senator, he's been "busy fighting corruption" in the Senate.

However, Gordon is still considering his campaign resources and political machinery before passing his certificate of candidacy (COC) in October.

"You have to have a machinery down the line... Resources, I think will be an issue," he stated.

In 2010, Gordon ran for presidency but was defeated by former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.