By Jennylou Canon


The majority of the public wishes to see the government tighten ties with other countries for stronger defense in the West Philippine Sea row, a recent survey showed.

Social Weather Stations’ (SWS) survey said that 69% strongly agreed with strengthening ties with other nations.

Out of 69%, 33% strongly agreed, 36% somewhat agreed, 22% undecided, and 9% disagreed.

Meanwhile, SWS also asked about the public’s satisfaction with the government’s assertion of rights in the WPS dispute.

47% said they were not satisfied, with 18% strongly agreed, and 29% somewhat agreed.

To declare the country’s rights in the WPS, 69% said that the country must build structures in the disputed waters.

Aside from strengthening ties with other nations and building structures, the public supported ideas of strengthening the military capability.

SWS conducted face-to-face interviews with 1200 adult Filipinos in the country.

Report source: CNN Philippines