By Quian Vencel Galut

PHOTO: Filipino Times

For Senator Imee Marcos, the tandem of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte and former Senator Bongbong Marcos is a “marriage made in heaven.”

Interviewed over ABS-CBN News Channel, Marcos claimed she thinks that the most obvious thing is if the Dutertes have the solid South, likewise, Marcoses will have an advantage to the North.

“So parang marriage made in heaven ‘yan,” the lawmaker from Ilocos said.

“Political wisdom says that if you think of the numbers, it looks good, like a really solid tandem,” she added.

The senator said her brother is considering running for the 2022 elections and even open for other positions but has yet to decide on which post.

Should Bongbong not pursue plans running for president in 2022, he would be honored to become Sara’s running mate.

“Things are still volatile. He’d be honored to be the vice president or the tandem partner of Mayor Sara,” she stressed.

“It would be great. It would be fun. I’m used to running with Sara,” Marcos pointed out. The senator ran for the Senate in 2019 under Duterte-Carpio’s regional party Hugpong ng Pagbabago.

Sara was asked to run for the presidency bid to continue her father, President Rodrigo Duterte’s legacy, actions and projects.

President Duterte recently announced that he will also run for the vice-presidential position unless his daughter vie running for president.

Meanwhile, Imee insisted that the country needs the Dutertes in the middle of the war against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We really need them around. I’m a big fan of the president. I’m sure that if she (Duterte-Carpio) becomes president, the mayor will have the same gumption, the same will, and the same ability to communicate with people,” Marcos said.

“She’s her own mind. Well, clearly she is not a completely obedient daughter. And perhaps that’s why I share it with her. There are some rebel kids here. But It’s a good match she’ll carry on her father’s determination and her fearlessness,” she added.