By Deighton Acuin

PHOTO: Brother Martin Sellner FB

Art was never meant to be boxed in, it was meant to be shared. 

This 84-year-old former US teacher Martin Sellner of De La Salle University gained praise for his amazing creativity in cross-stitching. 

Stitching the "Periodic Table of Elements'' took him about two years and a border took 4 years to make. A lot of patience was essential as the lockdown lets him complete his work.

PHOTO: Brother Martin Sellner FB

"Finally, during this lockdown, I found time to finish it," Sellner said in his interview with the EXplainED PH last year.

He also showed the last five stitches of his work and a photograph of his finished product. He was surprised and he unexpectedly saw that his post went viral. 

PHOTO: Brother Martin Sellner FB

"...They suggested that I post it on Facebook. A simple video and a few photos for my relatives and my numerous friends, kids, and teachers in the schools where I work. When I saw that within a few hours of posting, several thousand views had already occurred. I went to sleep. In the morning, only 12 or so hours after posting, the number of views had gone up to 110,000!! Stunning to say the least."

"I went out for my two-hour exercise climbing buildings here on the campus. I got back and the number had gone past 150,000. Now a day later, the number is approaching 600,000. I am stunned. I'm scared," he added. 

PHOTO: Brother Martin Sellner FB

Aside from cross-stitching, he was also known for his adorable TikTok videos which gained engagements from kids and other netizens.

With no hindrances from his age, he shared some of his expertise in cross-stitching with his colleagues and friends.