By Jillian Marielle Tiraña

PHOTO: Philippine Morning Post

COVID-19 Delta variant sequencing exceeds other variants according to Philippine Genome Center (PGC) Executive Director Cynthia Saloma on Monday.

In a palace briefing, Saloma reported that Delta samples make up 42.41% of the cases sequenced by PGC in July as compared to 3.81% in May and 5.84% in June.

“The Delta variant really has overtaken the other variants of concern. Hindi ba po dati marami tayong Beta at saka Alpha, ngayon po itong ating mga sampling na nai-sequence, pinakamarami na po ang Delta variant,” she said.

Saloma also pointed out that the increase in Delta cases was faster in comparison to Alpha and Beta cases.

“This is even more noticeable in the National Capital Region where from about 10.56 per cent of cases in June nakikita natin na ang mga Delta ay nagte-take over na sa ating Alpha at Beta cases,” she explained.

Delta cases were first detected in the country last May, mostly coming from returning overseas Filipinos (ROFs). 

As of 12 August, a total of 807 local Delta cases with five left for verification have been reported.