By Jennylou Canon


Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on Friday commended Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard Chan’s “no vaccine, no entry” policy.

“I commend Mayor Ahong [Junard Chan] of Lapu-Lapu for this innovation,” Roque said in a press briefing.

However, he added that whilst implementing the policy, the country is not yet ready to adapt it as there are still many vaccine recipients awaiting their COVID-19 vaccine doses.

“I commend that pero, while we commend that move, while we recognize your innovation, siguro antayin muna natin na at least 50 percent ng ating population ay mabakunahan. I hope you understand po, dahil kung karamihan naman ay hindi bakunado, di makapunta ng mga pamilihan, paano sila kukuha ng kanilang kakainin?” Roque explained.

As Lapu-Lapu City’s “no vaccine, no entry” policy earned several backlashes from residents, Mayor Ahong then stated that they will further study the implementation of the policy.

Countries that had implemented the policy include France and several states in the United States as more than 50% of their population have been vaccinated already.