By Arvin Migallos


The winning streak is still on for Blacklist International as they survived a hard-fought match-up against their rival Omega Esports in their Saturday primetime match.

Blacklist showed that they can break the code of Omega, defeating the latter in their late-game strength.

"Sabihin nating maganda yung nabuong rivalry eh, ah siguro mag move on na tayo sa dumaang isyu ibalik natin yung healthy rivalry kung saan mga fans nagkaka isa, hindi naman kami yung panalo dito eh ang mas panalo yung mga nanood", said by Blacklist International Coach Bon Chan.

The first game was a roller coaster as the lead kept swinging to both sides but the "18 Minute Kings" Omega proved too much to be handled with the help of substitute gold laner Raizen carrying his team and coming back against Blacklist, 1-0

In their post-game Facebook post, Omega said We are just a few inches closer to winning that match but Blacklist Int was the better team on that final clash.

Omega said in a post-game Facebook post, "GGWP to Blacklist and thank you for that great match! Also, kudos to Raizen for giving everyone a showcase of your skills on that series. We hope we gave you a great show! Thank you and goodnight!"

BLCK completely dominated game 2 with trusty picks coming from Wise's Yi Sun-Shin and Oheb's Beatrix to extend the series against their nemesis OMG, 1-1.

Omega dominated Game 3 in the early game with Kielvj showing off with his Benedetta along with Renzio's Phoveus and Raizen's Kaja picking off individuals on Blacklist's side.

BLCK maintained their composure and capitalized Kielvj's errors with Edward's Paquito punching through everything in his path flipping the lead back to their side and eventually reverse sweep OMG, 2-1.

Kelra is still out of the equation in Omega as he is still suspended after his homophobic remarks against Blacklist players OhMyV33nus and Wise last August which will be lifted next week.

Blacklist aims to ride in their momentum once more as they face Echo Esports on Sunday and Omega looking to keep NXPE winless in their Sunday primetime match.