By Andreah Dianne Cartagena

PHOTO: Rappler

Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said that the Philippines will not stand a chance against China when a war breaks out in obtaining the West Philippine Sea.

In an online news forum on Friday, September 24, he said that the criticized policy engagement of the Duterte administration is the “right way to go” since Philippines cannot afford to go to war with China while enforcing sovereignty on the territory.

“May nagsasabi bumili tayo ng patrol boats, ‘yung mga jets, para kung sakali mapalaban tayo. Bakit natin iisipin ‘yun kung mapalaban tayo, tapos ang gyerang ‘yan wala pang isang linggo tapos na yan. Talo na tayo, wag na natin isipin ‘yun,” Marcos said.

He also said that the Philippines should see “different levels” in approaching China. “I don’t think the Chinese want to go to war with us. Certainly, we don’t want to go to war with China,” he added.

Bongbong Marcos expressed that Filipino fishermen should be given the chance to fish freely.

Duterte has said similar thoughts on the West Philippine Sea but his declarations on not going to war were contradicted by Former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario and Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio saying that war is not an option and Duterte’s statements were just meant to scare FIlipinos.

Meanwhile, Bongbong Marcos was nominated as the “standard-bearer” of Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL), a party founded by his father, former dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr., for the upcoming 2022 elections.