By Arvin Migallos

PHOTO: Business Newspapers

"Brenlin No More"

Bren Esports gets defaulted in Valorant Champions Tour 2021 Stage 3 Masters Berlin because of their travel visas not being able to be secured by Riot Games.

On a statement across their social media platforms, Valorant Esports Head of Competitive Operations Alex Francois said that "their North America, Europe and Asia global mobility teams explored multiple avenues to find a solution, including engaging with the governmental agencies from Philippines and Germany."

"But this time, having passed the final deadline that would allow Bren Esports to travel and attend the event, we are going yo proceed to with a 15-team tournament," they added.

Thousands provided support prior to the statement as rumors already circled aroung social media that Bren do have a problem with their travel visas, where hashtags #BringBrenToBerlin started to go viral.

Francois added that it was a tough decision and they share the dissapointment of their players and fans and they are still looking forward for Bren Esports' participation in their future events.

Bren Esports also released a statement after the decision of the Valorant Esports saying "The support from the community since VCT SEA Stage 3 has been nothing but overwhelming. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who believed and took time to join the #Brenlin and #BringBrenToBerlin movements. You guys are the best! 💛🖤💛".

Some Esports personalities also expressed their dissapointment in the decision made, imagining if the right decision was made when Covid-19 started in the country which got Bren defaulted.

Bren Esports will still be awarded with 175 VCT points and associated prize for qualifying in the VCT Masters Berlin after being the top seeded team in Valorant Southeast Asia Challengers last August.

Group D of the VCT Master Berlin, where Bren Esports is grouped with, will be double round robin instead of a regular round robin.