By Anthony Pagapulaan

PHOTO: Top News Philippines

Manila mayor and presidential aspirant Francisco Domagoso, known for his screen name "Isko Moreno," said he will advocate rule of law if he wins the 2022 election.

Moreno confirmed his bid for the highest post under the Aksyon Demokarito party on Wednesday, September 22 in Tondo Manila, with public health advocate and social media health content creator Dr. Willie Ong as his vice president, who also ran during the 2019 senatorial election and lost it.

When asked if he'll let the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the alleged Extrajudicial Killings of the current government, Domagoso said: “Why not? I will not prevent anything. The rule of law will be observed under my watch. why not? if there’s nothing to hide di ba?” 

Moreover, he was also asked in the ABS-CBN program on the possibility of a Domagoso-Duterte pairing in 2022.

"I can [work with him], definitely, yes," he said.

President Duterte had earlier said that he will run for vice president of Partido ng Demokratikong Pilipino-Laban (PDP-Laban) in the upcoming 2022 national elections.

Isko also believed that letting ICC probers dive into the alleged EJKs in the country will attract respect from the other countries, serving proof that the Philippines is particular with its laws.

“Yes, again, why not? there’s nothing to lose if we can also gain some level of respect from some people in other countries and they will see that we’re certain about our rules, why not,” he said.

Furthermore, Domagoso also assured no support to Duterte if the president is proven guilty of the killing in accordance with the supposed ICC probe.

"No, are you asking if I will protect him? My job as a Filipino is to protect every single citizen of this country. That is the job of the president. That includes our OFWs who are imprisoned and will be beheaded somewhere else,” he said.

Isko also said he will respect Duterte in his time, and will even offer a position in his Cabinet.

Wanting unity for the Filipino people, the aspirant promised to be a leader of healing for all 

“I really want to heal the country. The people are tired. The people don’t have the voice to say that they should stop, let’s just focus on something,” he said.

“Too much excess baggage will hinder us to move fast for the recovery of our country and for our family and our economy,” he added.

Aside from Isko, senator Panfilo Lacson and senator Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao have confirmed their intent for presidency, while PDP-LABAN's Duterte-Cusi wing is still pushing for senator Christopher "Bong" Go to be their bet. 

Vice president Leonor "Leni" Robredo of the Liberal Party, the opposition, has still yet to confirm. Davao City mayor and first daughter Sara Duterte has also declined the offers as his father and the president is running for VP. Former senator Bongbong Marcos has also been endorsed by a party founded by his father and former president Ferdinand Marcos.

Report source: Manila Bulletin