By Arjane Faith Paala

PHOTO: Nation Builder PH

Following Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque’s nomination for a seat at the International Law Commission (ILC), local lawyers expressed their disapproval on Monday, branding him a ‘political partisan.’

According to the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG), the palace speaker has been supporting extrajudicial killings in the country which violates human rights and international law, thus, making him ineligible for a seat in the United Nations’ (UN) legal expert body.

The group led by Attorney Chel Diokno also enumerated Roque’s public remarks that ‘demonstrated contempt for the rule of law’ and belittled the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Empowering their opposition, FLAG sent signature campaigns and written letters to ILC and UN representatives to discourage them from voting in favor of the spokesman.

Meanwhile, Roque rebuts against his critics by pointing out their “gross ignorance” on the difference between ILC and ICC. 

“Wala itong (ILC) kinalaman sa ICC. Hindi lahat ay miyembro ng ICC,” he said.

Roque, during his press briefing on Monday, admitted that he is currently in New York for his campaign for a position in ILC after President Rodrigo Duterte nominated him in June.

Platforms Roque presented include setting up funds beneficial for all nations to equally distribute COVID-19 vaccines and form a treaty renouncing changes in territories regardless of the effects of global warming.

Scheduled on the 76th session of the General Assembly in November, 8 out of 11 nominees in the Asia-Pacific region will be elected and will serve for five years starting in 2023.

Report source: CNN Philippines