By Roy Raagas


The Tribal Chief proves he's the big dog both in his yard and in his title contention.

Roman Reigns retained the WWE Universal Championship in an Extreme Rules match against "The Demon" Finn Balor throughout 19:45 minutes at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view event at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

After the challenger gained momentum, Reigns speared and pinned "The Demon" by exploiting the injury of his opponent via an unexpected top rope issue.

The Bloodline's extends his reign to 393 days after his victory over his title contender, and is looking to expand it for more.

The champion had gone to ringside earlier in the game and pulled a kendo stick from beneath the ring, but when he turned over, he was shocked not seeing Balor, who had come out with a pile of taped-together kendo sticks, and was getting hit a couple of times.

Later, the former NXT superstar delivered a running dropkick that knocked Reigns to the floor, followed by a flip dive and tossing him back into the ring.

Demon hit the Coup De Grace afterwards and had the pin, but one of the Usos drew him to ringside, where Jimmy and Jey Uso worked over Demon and gave him a double superkick.

The Usos pulled out another table and placed it on the floor, intending to slam the challenger through it, but he recovered, fought them off, and powered up Jey to slam him through the broadcast table.

After emerging as a demon with Reigns' spear, the challenger continues to sabotage and brutally assault the title holder.

However, as soon as he wanted to finish the match, the top rope snapped, the lighting returned to normal while Balor suffered a left knee injury, leaving him getting speared and pinned by the Tribal Chief.

Roman Reigns, along with his cousins, the Usos, and manager Paul Heyman, celebrated the match in a serious manner, looking forward to continuing their dominance in the WWE.