by: Jed Nykolle Harme, Geelyn Avanceña and Rinoa dela Cruz

“Touch the sky in Tagaytay, where fun memories are made.” 

For lovey-dovey couples, for ‘solid barkadahan,’ for loving families, and even for yourself. The Brilliant Sky Hotel and Leisure Park can serve as the haven for all groups and give the much-needed cloud-9-experience for those who need to take a rest from the bustling city.

Brilliant Sky Hotel and Leisure Park is a hotel and adventure-themed park that measures 19,000 sqm and is owned and built by the Brilliant Sky Development Corporation with the help of Jerry Top Metal Products, a business handled by one of the corporation’s owners. 

The hotel is located at Barangay Neogan, Tagaytay City. It was initially built as a bed and breakfast way back in 2018. However, as time passed by, the owners observed something about the tourists in Tagaytay. 

“Nakita ng corporation na there is a demand about guest going to Tagaytay. Most of them are looking for a one-stop-shop since one day is not enough to visit different tourist spots in Tagaytay especially if mga day tour lang sila. Parang yung isang araw nila is kulang lalo na kung isang spot lang and pupuntahan nila. Because of the demand, the expansion of the whole property started from a bed and breakfast then a restaurant then a leisure park which is built in 1 area of location." Jheng Laguerta, the manager said in an interview with Explained PH.  

But what makes the Brilliant Sky Hotel and Leisure unique from other hotels at Tagaytay? Read more to find out.

Experience Tagaytay’s Firsts.

Let us start our tour with the amazing and heart-stopping activities where they flex some of Tagaytay’s ‘firsts.’

For example, the hotel’s Glass Bridge is perfect for the dare-devils. As you walk through the bridge, you can see the overall scenery of the hotel from above. Feel your adrenaline increase as you cross the transparent footway. Furthermore, it also features an overhead aquarium that lets you have a quick dip while enjoying the calm breeze of the city. 

This might be the first and only glass bridge in Tagaytay and might also be the second one in the Philippines

If you want something mild yet heart-pounding moment, then the hotel also offers a hanging plank-bridge.

For those who are dreaming of joining a race, then the hotel can also offer something for that! Be a racer with the hotel’s battery operated Go-Karts that is deeply loved by kids and those who are young-at-heart. As a matter of fact, based on their reports in May, most of the youth enjoyed this activity because of the fun and interactive experience that is perfect for couples and families. 

If you are more of a bicycle-lover, then have a quick visit at their Aerial Bicycle for individuals and couples/partners. This activity lets you feel the cold and peaceful winds of Tagaytay as you glide through the air - with safety, of course! After all, the aerial activities such as the Glass and Plank Bridges, and this Aerial Bicycle are equipped with safety harnesses to ensure that there will be no accidents. 

If you want to spend quality time with your loved ones in a chill manner, you can also relax on their boats and create a new sweet memory with your loved ones. You can make chikas about your life, your love for each other, or just appreciate the hotel itself, or just bond with nature as you feed their 500 Koi fishes and 700 Tilapias, it’ll surely be a great experience during your stay at the hotel. 

Before entering, customers with ages 4 and above are required to pay a 50-peso entrance fee while 3 years-old and below are free of charge. However, because of the ongoing pandemic, kids are not yet allowed to visit. 

The price for the activities start at a Single-classic bundle where you can choose one (1) from the Hanging Bridge, Plank Bridge, Scooter, or Go Cart to visit at Php 150.00 but if you want to enjoy the Glass Bridge, Boat Ride, and Aerial Bicycle, then you must pay for the Single Premium for php 200.00

Now, one ride may be pabitin right? Fret not, the hotel also offers different combos for different numbers of rides.

  1. Combo 1 is inclusive for 2 classic rides, available at Php 250.00 per head.

  2. Combo 2 is inclusive for a classic and a premium ride at Php 300.00 per person.

  3. Combo 3 in inclusive of 2 classic rides and a premium ride at a price of Php 400.00 per head.

  4. Combo 4 is inclusive of a classic ride and 2 premium rides for Php 500.00 per person

  5. Combo 5 is inclusive of 2 classic rides and 2 premium rides for the price of Php 650.00 per head.

  6. You can also enjoy 5 rides for Php 800.00 per head or visit all rides plus the pool at Php 1,000.00.

For further inquiries, you can contact them through their Facebook Page, “Brilliant Sky and Hotel Leisure Park” or through their GMail at [email protected]

Create Your ‘Fountain’ with their mouth-watering Cuisines

After the fun experience at the hotel’s activities, hunger will surely visit your stomachs but don’t worry because the hotel’s chefs have got you covered! Enjoy various FIlipino cuisines prepared by Chef Ramil Rayo and let yourselves have a cheap yet swonderful feast. Their prices range at Php 50.00 to Php 600.00

Have a look at some of the hotel’s offered foods below: 

Pancit Guisado

Pancit Guisado

Fried Cream Dory

Sizzling Pusit

Beef Steak Tagalog

But if you are the person who seeks to know and taste the hotel’s specialties, then get ready to bewitched at the Bulalo ala Brilliant Sky at a price of Php 480.00  and their Sizzling Sisig at Php 300.00 

According to Chef Rayo, ever since people tasted their Bulalo and Sisig, they have always been finding it like their love at first bite. 

“Pag nakakain po sila nito, hinahanap-hanap po nila yung bulalo saka pork sisig,” Rayo stated.

Have a Breather in their World-Class Rooms

End your fun-filled day with comfy and elegant beds from one of the 32 rooms inside the hotel. Why? Because your stay at the Brilliant Sky Hotel wouldn’t be complete without having to experience checking in and staying at the hotel itself! 

Choose from 3 of their rooms below:

Deluxe Room

These are 22 sqm areas that have a bed for two and a living room. 

Deluxe Suite Room

Deluxe Suite Rooms are perfect for families and ‘solid barkadahans’ because it has a balcony so that you can enjoy your foods, your cup of coffee, or even a drink or two as you bond with other people. 

Premium Room

Looking for something extravagant? Something that suits your VIP-lifestyle? Then the hotel can also provide you something with that. Featuring their Premium Rooms. It is double the size of a Deluxe Room and is a 2-storey room where the reception area is on the first level while the beds can be found above the living room. 

The price starts from the Deluxe Rooms which are only Php 3,000.00 per night while the Premium Rooms are only Php 6,000.00. Rates are inclusive of breakfast for 2, 1 hour use of gym and 30 mins use of sauna. Check in time starts at 2pm and Check out time end at 12pm.

Did you notice something about the hotel’s attractions and rooms? Is it the theme? Well, most of the areas are inspired from different places and countries because one of the owners is a traveller himself! That is why he took some inspiration from foreign nations for the improvement of the hotel, like the Glass Bridge for example! It is inspired by China while the Forest sites are inspired from the nature of Tagaytay, the Boat rides are also inspired from Baguio's tourist attractions. However, the most popular among tourists is the mosaic tiles which are inspired from Greece. 

All of these are made possible thanks to the approachable and cheerful staffs that will always welcome you with a smile.

What are you waiting for? Message your friends, have a chat with your family, and text your lovers now to plan for your visit at Brilliant Sky Hotel and Leisure Park as they are going to open very soon. Feel your very own cloud-9 moment of relaxation, fun, and satisfaction just keep in mind the health protocols so that you can have a safe and enjoyable stay.