by Rinoa Kate Dela Cruz

 “Here, the players get to play a fair game under the same conditions. These people suffered from inequality and discrimination out in the world.” - The Front Man

Since its first release on September 17, 2021, the Squid Game series has earned various recognitions and even placed top of the charts. With that, many citizens wondered if this survival game could be recreated in real life; that is why Mr. Beast brought this into reality. 

Jimmy Donaldson, commonly known as Mr. Beast, stirred the social media after he announced on October 11, 2021, that he would recreate the popular Netflix series if his Tiktok post earned ten (10) million likes. After exceeding 10 million likes, Mr. Beast invited 456 players to participate and have a chance to win $456,000. 

This 3.3 Million-dollar recreation is said to be as accurate as it can be. Not only did Mr. Beast and his gang wear the iconic clothes of the game master and his minions, but he also recreated the resting area where the selected participants would reside after a game. 

Photo taken from his YouTube video

The game “Red light, green light” which is one of the most impressive scenes in the series is also shown in his video. It is a game where people must run towards the finish line in 30 minutes. Aside from the setting, costumes, and mechanics, Donaldson also recreated the giant doll that would shout, “Red light! Green light!” To determine who will be eliminated. The only thing that would differ among the two is that it uses a device strapped among the players that would pop out of the game.

A photo of a participant being eliminated from the game
An aerial view of the recreated game Red light, Green light

Moreover, it also shows the participants who use the unforgettable participant numbers from the series like the Player 067 or Kang Sae-Byeok. 

Mr. Beast with a participant who had the number 067, the same number used by Kang Sae-Byeok, the character played by Jung Ho-yeon

The sugar honeycomb also took the attention of Squid Game’s viewers and of course, this popular game has also been brought into real life by Donaldson as it was participated by the surviving 236 players from the first game. 

This consists of a candy made with melted white sugar and baking soda and is modeled in four (4) different shapes: Circle, triangle, star, and the hardest among them, the umbrella. 

Mr. Beast with a participant with the number 456, the same number used by the main character played by Lee Jung-jae

A photo of a participant imitating Seo Gi-Hun’s strategy to win the game

As the tension rises from the previous games, Mr. Beast increases the pressure with their glass bridge game. Donaldson himself said that viewers should anticipate this part of the video by saying, “Make sure you watch until the Glass Bridge. It’s insane!” in his description.

The remaining participants of the game preparing for the Glass Bridge

Glass Bridge or also known as Hopscotch is a game where participants are required to choose between two paths made of glass However, the challenge on this is that there are platforms where the path would be destroyed, thus, causing the elimination of the player.

Player 001 being eliminated from the Glass Bridge

These three (3) are just some of the games that Mr. Beast featured on his YouTube video that earned 98 million views and 9.1 million likes. Due to the accuracy of the game, a lot of YouTubers praised his video. 

If you are intrigued, click the link below to watch the full video and see what happens at the end of the game!

“We’ve already come too far to end this now,” - Cho Sang-woo.