By Cid Campos


After years of work, scientists have created a potential vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease which has shown hopeful results in animals with features of the disease, and are now moving onto human trials.

While most vaccines work by preventing the disease before it’s contracted, this vaccine can not only prevent someone from developing Alzheimer’s but also treat it.

Alzheimer’s Disease is the 9th leading cause of death, killing 814,000 in 2019 and is also the most common cause of dementia causing difficulty with memory, behavioral changes and difficulty problem solving.

“While the science is currently still at an early stage, if these results were to be replicated in human clinical trials, then it could be transformative,” according to professor Mark Carr about the tests on the vaccine.

The vaccine works by training the immune system to create specific antibodies in order to destroy the hairpin-like proteins present in people with Alzheimer’s, which is what disrupts the connection between neurons in the brain.

This also helps the immune system distinguish the proteins which are used by the body to function normally and the ones which cause Alzheimer’s.

Although this is only the first phase of the trial which is focused on safety. The vaccine still requires many tests in order for it to be proven as effective in all people.

While vaccines for Alzheimer’s similar to this have been made, none were as effective in diminishing its symptoms, some of which have even had negative effects on the body.

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