By Rinoa Kate Dela Cruz

From only serving ten tables, up to managing different stations. This family sure likes to be within the business industry as they operate not just one, but more than three stations. 

One offers coffee and pastries, some serves hearty meals, while the other can be a person’s kitchen. Would you like to have a tour? Read more to explore!

South Perk

“What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.” - Henry Rollins

For the morning people, the sleepy ones, and the enthusiasts. South Perk is the best place for you! 

PHOTOS: South Perk

South Perk is a coffee shop that just started this year with the partnership of two fresh college graduates and one college student: Nicole Marasigan, Patricia Patron, and Bea Cosme. The name of the shop came from Central Perk, which is a place from their favorite TV show, FRIENDS. 

It all started when the owners noticed that this would be a great business opportunity despite the pandemic and since they love coffee and a relaxing atmosphere, why not combine both? Because of that, a lot of customers loved the chill ambiance within the establishment. 

“Di naman kami coffee enthusiast pero mahilig kaming mag-hangout sa mga place na katulad nito [pertaining to South Perk],” one of the owners said. 

South Perk is also greatly loved for the way they maintain the quality of their goods despite the pandemic. According to the owners, they source their coffee beans weekly from Filipino farmers to ensure that the beans they serve are fresh while supporting local agriculture. 

Before opening the store, Marasigan, and Patron had doubts about launching their business since they thought it is a big risk to open while in the middle of the pandemic. 

“Struggle nga nung pandemic kasi nga sobrang laki ng risk non na mag-open kasi pandemic nga baka pumunta mga tao,” the owners said. 

However, with their determination, they strived to continue opening their shop as they kept in mind the community health and safety protocols. 

For fresh graduates, they believe that a person should always have passion when it comes to creating a product to achieve greater results. 

“You may have an everyday struggle, pero achieve working things that you don’t lose the passion on your crafts,” they said. 

Tummy Ave. by:  Kht-Ano

Craving for some chicken wings? How about some pasta and some slides? Well, they also got your back! Tummy Ave. by: Kht-Ano offers a variety of foods from sandwiches, burgers, and even group treats that are great for the barkada!

Before launching the business, Torres owns a partnership business that is the same as his current shop and it is called “Bomber Wings,” unfortunately, it was greatly affected by the pandemic and they had no choice but to close the shop. But with his determination, Torres manages to create another one and named it Tummy Ave. by: Kht-Ano

“Syempre nasimulan ko na, ayoko na doon nalang tumigil,” he said. 

The name Kht-Ano was inspired by the owner’s mom, because of the usual reply he would get from his mother every time he asks what she would like to eat which is,  “Kahit ano, ikaw bahala,” 

“Naisip ko, maraming ganoong tao na, na kapag tinanong mo, kahit ano [ang sagot].” Jopet Torres said in an interview with Explained PH. 

That is why when they used the name Kht-Ano, Torres assumed that the people would think that they also offer chicken wings along with other meals. Because of that, his cousin saw a big potential for the food that he offers therefore adding Tummy Ave. 

Tummy Ave by: Kht-Ano started within the location of Jardin de Amigas, a shop that is owned by one of his relatives. They expected that this could create an exchange of customers between the Jardin de Amigas and Tummy Ave because if someone visits Torres’ shop, there is a possibility that the customers will also buy a plant. 

One factor that separates Tummy Avenue from other food stores is that they take pride in the flavor that not just covers the top of the wings but the whole part itself. Torres further explained that when customers take a bite from their wings, they will taste the flavor from all parts of the wing. 

The price of Tummy Ave’s wings starts from Php 229.00 with eight (8) pieces, which can range up to Php 599.00 for 30 pieces of chicken wings. All customers can choose from the following flavors:

• Honey butter 
• Honey-mustard
• Garlic and Basil
• Garlic Parmesan
• Barbecue
• So-spicy
• So-cheesy 
• Spicy cheese
• Spicy barbecue
• Spicy Honey butter

When asked about the best seller of the shop, Torres said that they couldn’t determine the most-liked food since all of the products are equally loved by their customers. 

“Hindi naman alam kung ano yung best seller kasi lahat [ay best seller],” Torres said. 

Tummy Ave. by: Kht-Ano is also a great place if you want to bond with your pets, since it has an Al Fresco dining, customers are welcome to bring their fur child since all of the owners are also pet-lovers. 

“Lahat kami may pets. Yung mga pamangkin ko, may aso. Kami, may pusa rin kami. Okay lang naman, basta be a responsible pet owner,” Joan Pasao said.

What are you waiting for? Visit Tummy Ave. by: Kht-Ano and fill your tummies with a variety of mouth-watering foods. 

Maya’s Test Kitchen

Now that we had coffee, and tried a few meals, it is now time for a dessert. Of course, they also got you covered with their newly-launched station, Maya’s Test Kitchen that offers numerous kinds of pastries like the Burnt Basque Cheesecake which is baked by Maya “Mae” Quintana.

Aside from that, Maya’s Test Kitchen also serves as an engagement activity for the kids that will visit their shop. So if you want your younger siblings or kids to experience baking, Maya’s Test Kitchen will be there for you!

“Para na rin may activity dito yung mga kids, kaya siya inooffer dito,” Joan Pasao said. 

All of these stations are managed by the members of the family. From the counter, up to the kitchen, you name it! It is because the family believes that all of its members are trustworthy and competent to handle their tasks within the business.

“Inisip namin kung sino yung mga tao na dapat kasama namin dito, sino yung mga mapagkakatiwalaan namin, and lahat nag-fall sa family ko,” Torres said. 

When asked about possible branches that will be launched outside the city, Joan Pasao, one of the owners said that they will “test the waters” and wait for a year to assess if they can make the business grow. 

“Kasi baka mamaya, kaya lang pumupunta yung mga tao is because of the place, diba?” Pasao said. 

The stations open from Wednesdays to Sundays this December, while the usual opening time is Fridays to Saturdays to create a time where the members can focus on their studies. 

If you wanted to buy from one of these stores, you can contact them through their social media accounts:

South Perk:

Tummy Ave by: Kht-Ano
0915 355 3703

Or if you want to experience their Al Fresco Dining, you can visit them personally at 99 Manggahan St. Binakayan Kawit Cavite