By Rjay Zuriaga Castor

PHOTO: Blogspot

“I said in 2021 that it is a year of break-up. The year 2022 is a year of separation."

This is what the world-renowned and dubbed "Queen of Feng Shui" Marites Allen has said in an online streamed Feng Shui forecast on December 26 and 27. 

In the Chinese zodiac cycle, 2022 is the "Year Water Tiger", to which Allen reckoned has a  destiny chart marked by heavy wood and water elements, a little fire and earth— and has a total absence of metal elements. 

“[The] missing metal element infers in people to act and move more independently. Thus, there will be more division rather than partnership. Metal is a magnet and represents connection — connecting people," Allen reiterated. 

"And therefore, its absence in 2022 will indicate many forms of separation… And so I declare the Year 2022 as a year of separation," she added, suggesting the wearing of metal mantra elements to remain lucky.

To recall, Allen stressed 2021 as a year that will bring "a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication," especially among couples, possibly making it a "year of breakups." 

Some notable Filipino celebrity breakups and failed relationships in 2021 were couples Paolo Contis and LJ Reyes who started dating in 2015; vlogger Wil Dasovich and cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao who revealed their relationship on YouTube in 2018; Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica who started dating in 2016 and tied the knot in 2018. 

In her second year conducting the forecast virtually since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world-renowned Feng Shui master also emphasized that those born with Yang animal signs like the tiger, horse and dog will have a prosperous year as they will be boosted by the energy of the year. Despite its conflict with the tiger sign, monkey people will still have a fairly good year. 

Allen also revealed banking technology, the existence of cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and blockchain technology to be likely utilized by the public, which will pose threats to the banking system. 

On environmental concerns, Allen said the public should be mindful of "what we consume, what we eat, what we wear" to have "less waste, less carbon footprint, less harm to nature.”

The wild side of the Water Tiger will also benefit the real estate sector, citing the volatility in the property market and the possibility of the buyers making a good deal. 

“If you are the buyer, this will be a black Friday for you. However, if you are the seller, you may incur losses," she bared. 

Industries that are water-related like maritime, transport, aquaculture and shipping will be favorable as it will have “profitable and sustainable activities.” 

The Feng Shui expert, however, clarified that people like her are not fortune tellers and they are just offering guides on what the general atmosphere may bring.

Report source: The Daily Tribune