By Axell Swen Lumiguen

PHOTO: The Hollywood Now

Dubbed as the "greatest shooter of all-time", the Golden State Warriors' star tephen Curry cemented the title for himself by passing Ray Allen as the NBA's all-time 3-point leader in a 105-96 victory against the New York Knicks, at Madison Square Garden, earlier. 

The crowd goes ballistic after Curry drills his historic three through an Andrew Wiggins assist at the 7:35 mark of the first quarter, officially listing his 2,974th trey of his career. 

Game temporarily stopped in respect to his historic night, as Curry shared a celebration with his teammates, his family, the crowd, and with Allen himself, who hugged him during the stoppage. 

Despite the positive storyline, the Warriors had a hard time closing in a win, as the Knicks led after halftime, 48-47. 

Julius Randle started the third canto with a flurry of baskets but Curry and co. lighted up in the later portion to end it with a 71-64 lead after three quarters. 

Curry finished the game with 22 points on 5-of-14 outside shooting, and former Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green had 8 points, 11 rebounds, and 7 assists. 

On the Knicks side, Randle poured 31 points and 7 rebounds in a losing effort, while Derrick Rose and Alec Burks added 15 and 14 points respectively. 

Curry officially now has 2,977 three-pointers, which he catapulted in just 789 games. While Allen, who played for the 18 seasons in the league, took 1,300 games to knock down his 2,973 threes.