By Alvin Huete

PHOTO: One eSports

Bren Victress sent their Pinay counterpart Smart Omega Empress out of title contention after defeating them with a 2-0 victory at the quarterfinals of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women's Invitational 2022, January 29.

Coming from a great performance in the Group Stage with two wins and one loss, the Filipina MLBB powerhouse carried their domination through the quarterfinals and tallied a 30-4 kill count difference in two games combined.

Victress started the game aggressively against Omega contesting the turtle and later drew the first kill with Alexandria Dhzoie "Lexaaa" Dardo's Yin-yang Overturn of Kagura to slay OMGE Fibii.

At the sixth minute mark, Smart Omega Keishi snatched the first turtle and a shutdown to Ashlee's Ling, but Bren Victress resurged immediately with the Ruby and Kagura combo to force a 2-1 trade.

Then Bren Victress completely dominated the game in terms of economy and objectives, while the set from Babylyn “Defrost” Mamasainged's Ruby caught Omega off guard and drew first blood.

Smart Omega changed their strategy from a fast pace picks to late-game power spike heroes such as Cecilion, Lunox, and Aldous in game two, but instead, Bren harassed Empress by diving in team fights and slaying key heroes with the Unstoppable Force-Ejector combo from Defrost's Jawhead.

The match MVP Lexaaa on her signature hero Lylia, Bren Victress was an untouchable force as her Shadow Energy orbs burst down enemies at ease and registered a 3/0/9 KDA.

Meanwhile, top Indonesia team GPX Basreng eliminated the pride of Singapore Lugaimi in two straight games to reserve their slot in the semifinals.

Fumi together showed an exceptional performance for GPX Basreng throughout the match, picking up her solid Esmeralda and Lou Yi to immobilize Lugaimi heroes and chipped a five kills, zero death, four assists record in game two.

Bren Victress and GPX Basreng will face each other to determine which team would earn the first slot in the MWI finals, January 30, 12 p.m. GMT +8.

Edited by Jostle Doen Pilayre