By Marjoe Toquillo
PHOTO: One Sports

A single turn of events can’t let you win a troubled game– well not for IDNS Princess.

IDNS Princess shrugged off early jitters over gritty Omega Empress, making a comeback victory to secure the top spot in Group A of the MLBB Women's Invitational, Thursday.

As both parties went on a lord dance, IDNS jungler Ramella with her Lancelot managed to perform a perfectly-timed Thorned Rose-Retribution combo to secure the Luminous Lord at 36:31, helping IDNS to have the upperhand.

IDNS then pressured the mid-lane with the Luminous Lord to finally grasp their 38-minute come-from-behind victory against Omega.

IDNS Silver (Cecilion) had a stellar performance with a 3/1/5 KDA, sustaining her team’s survival until the last minute.

Omega FIBII (Gloo) finished the game with a superb 7/2/10 KDA but her efforts were not enough to bring the victory to her team.

With the win, IDNS snagged the top spot in Group A with a 1-0 standing, while Omega fell back with 0-1.

Omega still has a chance for redemption after its unexpected loss as the team is set to face Impunity Scarlets later the day at 5:00 PM.