By Lance Arevada

No surge or lockdown can stop Filipino netizens from their regular playtime in the comments section. This time, they had their field day with a government official’s robbery incident through satirical responses in reference to the common propaganda lines associated with the Marcos Family. 

In the comments section of a Facebook post by ABS-CBN News, online users told Department of Transportation (DOTr) Assistant Secretary Goddes Hope Libiran to be grateful and just move on from what happened as they “defended” the newly hired helper who allegedly stole her money and jewelry.

“Move on na lang tayo. Marami naman nagawa,” one user said. While another netizen responded, “’Di bale nang magnanakaw, marami naman nagawa. Kaysa naman sa ibang katulong d’yan, ninakawan ka na nga, tamad pa.”

These comments allude to a common call among the supporters of the Marcos family to simply move on with the atrocities that dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. committed in his 21-year rule as he had managed to have numerous accomplishments in the country that are felt up until now.

Meanwhile, some netizens supposedly dismissed the possibility of the helper stealing because she and her family were said to be already rich. The source of their wealth? The Yamashita Treasure and Tallano Gold they have “acquired” — another reference to the common falsehood used by Marcos supporters to justify the family’s wealth.

“Dati pa po mayaman yung katulong. Pinamanahan siya ni Tallano at nakapulot din ng Yamashita Treasure, ‘don galing pera ng katulong kaya siya yumaman,” a netizen said.

Filipinos online also had the time to respond to the robbery through the statement, “The sins of the father cannot be inherited by the son” — a line used to defend former Senator and presidential aspirant Ferdinand Marcos Jr. from his father’s strongman rule.

One user told ASec. Libiran: “Sympathies for what happened. Kung kailangan nyo ng bagong katulong, available po ang anak ni Manang. Hindi naman namamana ng anak ang kasalanan ng nanay.”

‘Manang is a Marcos loyalist?’

As revealed in Libiran’s post, netizens were also quick to find out that Marilou Fernandez, the helper who allegedly stole the official’s money and jewelry, is also a supporter of presidential aspirant Marcos Jr.

A post by the satirical page Malacañang Events and Catering Services showed screenshots of a BBM-Sara volunteer group welcoming a certain Jhearjazz Sanlabay. 

“Yes, thank you. BBM po tayo,” the user commented, thanking the admins for welcoming her.

According to Libiran, one of her helper’s multiple Facebook accounts goes by the name of Jhearjazz Sanlabay — the same person who commented in the group of Marcos Jr.’s supporters.
Libiran said that she has asked the help of authorities and netizens on the whereabouts of the helper, which she revealed to own other accounts and have already committed robbery from her previous employers.

“Sa lahat ng natuwa pa at hinaluan ng pulitika ang nangyari sa akin, I wish you all well. Nawa’y hindi mangyari sa inyo ang nangyari sa akin,” she added.