By Alvin Huete

PHOTO: MLBB Women's Invitational

Indonesia's female powerhouse teams Bigatron Era and Malaysian team Karra advanced to the semifinals after defeating their quarterfinal opponents in a 2-0 sway at the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women's Invitational 2022, January 29.

Bigatron Era secueed second semifinal slot for Indonesia

Bigatron Era finished off IDNS in their quarterfinal encounter as they established a stellar performance in pressuring the enemy heroes and limited the enemy's objective take, countering Ramella and forcing the Princesses to drawback.

EXP laner Vivi “VIVIAN” Indrawati played a major role in Bigatron's success against IDNS Princess as her Jawhead's ejector sets and Chou often put their rivals off guard on game one and game two, respectively.

Going to the late game of the first encounter, Michelle Denise “CHELLL” Siswanto went online on her Lunox as she burst down the heroes of IDNS with her high magic damage and penetration dealt through the Genius Wand and Divine Glaive items done already.

IDNS switched on a new strategy in the second game as they picked Bane for Ramella plus Lolita and Yu Zhong to sustain the late-game damage that Era can deal.

Even with their solid heroes, Bigatron Era managed to conquer the strat by alternating the line-up with a mid-game power spike pick Ling and Angela.

At the 17th minute mark, the damage from IDNS's Cecilion and Lylia were felt extremely, but Bigatron was ready to unleash the finishing blow with a triple kill through CHELLL's successive Chrono Dash attacks by Harith.

Karra prevailed over On Air Pipol in all-Malaysian semifinal

Karra proved that they are the better Malaysian squad as the team dispatched On Air Pipol out of the trophy contention in two games straight.

The second game of the match started evenly for both teams until Azean “Yann” Faeizan's Kagura ignited the momentum for Karra, catching three in her Ying-yang Overturn and leading the team to two thousand gold lead.

Karra then dominated the entire game with CHIISECAKE at her signature Lancelot punctured through the members of On-Air Pipol to notch the third ticket for the MWI semifinals.

Bigatron Era and team Karra will face each other in the semifinal showdown for a berth to the MLBB Women's Invitational finals, January 30, today at 2:30 p.m. GMT+8.

Edited by Jostle Doen Pilayre