By Charmaine Delos Santos

PHOTO: Daily Tribune

Davao City Mayor Sara Vicenta Zimmerman Duterte-Carpio, a vice-presidential candidate for the 2022 elections in May, said on Thursday that she would be reaching out to Congress and the Senate of the Philippines about mandatory military service for all 18 years old in our country, with any gender if she will be our 15th Vice President.

“Countries like South Korea and Israel have been requiring their citizens to perform military service,” Duterte-Carpio stated.

Filipinos who will serve the country will have a subsidy, as said by Duterte-Carpio on a Virtual Metro Manila Caravan. On the other hand, she said that the military service training would not last for a weekend or a month.

After the controversial death of Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) officer Mark Chua, the National Service Training Program (NSTP) Act of 2001 passed in our country. It tends to prepare youths for enhancing civic consciousness and defense preparedness while undergoing training.

Taking a look back at President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s statement last 2016, he admitted that he did not finish the ROTC course by just submitting someone’s medical certificate who has a transmittable disease.

“Ayaw ko talaga magmilitar, ayaw ko nga ‘yan sigaw-sigawan ako (I don’t want to enter the military, I don’t want to be shouted at),” Duterte explained.

‘Netizens reaction about Duterte-Carpio’s proposal’

However, Duterte-Carpio received a lot of reactions and comments from the public about her proposal on mandating military service.

"Nakikita natin ito sa ibang bansa." You clearly need to reassess your statement. Other countries actually have a reason why they need to enlist for the military, and not because of what you think is a trend.” @uranimegalhehe

“I mean not that bad. ‘Cuz we're gonna learn more aside from math fil science calculus. And why are you all acting like pag siya ang nanalo maipapatupad agad? if you vote the senators that are against Mayor Sara's 'platform' then it won’t happen or VP rather.” @shinigami_san13

“Napakalaking Project naman pala??? Bat di mo Unahin if ever manalo ka nga, unahin mo yung Education And Health system natin di yung ganyan. May Gad!” @Jam18Baby

‘PNP to support national program of mandatory military service’

In a Facebook post on Thursday, the Philippine National Police released their statement about mandatory military service. They fully support all initiatives to establish a national program of compulsory military service for all citizens.

“Optional service thru the NSTP and ROTC may not be enough to fully comply with the requirements of complete citizens 'military training, which can only be achieved thru mandatory military service.

With a strong and capable military reserve force that can be mobilized for contingencies and emergencies, the AFP can focus better on its external defense role while the PNP takes on the mandate of internal security, law enforcement, and public safety.

With a strong mass base of able-bodied citizens trained in the basics of discipline, love of country, disaster response, and practical life-saving skills, our country can better cope with the perennial natural emergencies that are already part of our geo landscape.”