By Avery Clyde Dimasuhid

PHOTO: Lars Baron/Getty Images

As the flame goes out, another flame follows.

This has been one of the highlights of the recently concluded Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics after the games’ torch went out to celebrate the ending of the event, signalling the start of preparations for the next winter Olympics that will take place in Italy this 2026.
The Olympians carried their nations’ flags with honor and pride towards the spotlight at the Beijing National Stadium yesterday, culminating the efforts, camaraderie, and sportsmanship that every one of them has exerted to the long 2-week run of the games.

After the torch's ignition last February 4, its conclusion has come for everyone to reminisce on the Olympics' symbol of hope despite the ongoing conflict between countries, the COVID-19 pandemic, and global warming, of which has also become a conundrum in this year’s winter Olympics. 

The International Olympic Committee (ICO) president Thomas Bach recalled the inspiration that everyone could get from this event after the said struggles have gone out to seemingly hinder the message that this event could bring out from transpiring.

“Even if your countries are divided by conflict, you overcame these divisions, demonstrating that in this Olympic community, we are all equal,” uttered Bach.

Meanwhile, global warming has threatened the future of the said games because ice has melted and some places are no longer appropriate to hold the games, resulting in Beijing 2022 using artificial snow in most of their venues.

Nevertheless, the Norwegians continued to raise their flags and dominate the rankings with 37 medals in total - 16 gold, 8 silver, and 13 bronze medals. Next to their country is Germany with 27, and the host country, China, with 15. 

Another highlight of this closing ceremony is the passing of the Olympic flag from China to Italy, broadcasting to the world the logo of the 2026 Winter Olympics that will be the first time held in two cities - Milan and Cortina d'ampezzo.

This has marked the beginning of a new cycle for the games as preparations for Milan Cortina 2026 are being made, but in the meantime, sports fans are still preparing for the Winter Paralympics that will still be hosted by Beijing this March 4.

Edited by Jostle Doen Pilayre