By Joseph Andrew Prima


The day that all couples excitingly wait for is once again happening. A day in which all forms of love especially romantic ones take the spotlight. A day in which people that intertwined their fates celebrate being found and united. 

Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Hippocrates: one thing they all have in common is that they are all in favor of two people’s fate, predestined to each other through an unbreakable and inescapable connection set up by the gods.

Interestingly, many people do rely on astrology and zodiac signs to pre-determine any kind of thing and love is one of those things. To tell the truth, we all once tried to match our zodiac signs with our crushes, hoping that we will find our significant other through it. 

But when you think about it and all, there comes this big question that is still being debated up to this day: “ Do Zodiac signs really matter in love?”. Many of us will come to believe that the answer is yes as zodiac signs offer glimpses into a person’s basic human nature, their personality traits, impulses, interests.

However, think of it. For example, if all your past relationships have the zodiac sign of Leo, What would you think of it? Truthfully, one would think it is a cruel plot of the almighty, serving as a lesson to evade them or a sign that Leo is the sign you should be.

One would think based on this that zodiac signs are really reliable but think again. Does it really matter? Judging someone based on their Zodiac Signs seems to be discriminatory and will only cause fallouts whatever things it is, much less in finding your loving partner. 

How about those couples who have opposite signs but worked out in the end? How about those husbands and wives that have signs told to be not compatible with each other that are still living happily together and staying strong? And isn’t it rare for astrologically compatible couples to experience painful relationships?

A lot of people do mistake astrology for a reliable truth but in truth is just a series of interpretations based on these many different celestial patterns. But however, as Sir Isaac Newton, the Father of Physics, said that “I have studied the matter. You, sir, have not,” We all have different perceptions and beliefs in what truly it is.

And at the end of the day, there is no harm in believing different things and truthfully, the story of two beings, under the same sky, is destined to be together doesn’t sound that bad at all. It is just a matter of two fates waiting to be intertwined with each other, hoping for a happy story to be formed under the stars.