By Marjoe Toquillo
PHOTO: Rappler

EJ Obiena was left stuck in a time-loop after failing to clear the 5.81 meter mark again, only enough to finish at eighth during the Beier Stavhoppsgala tournament at the IFU Arena, Thursday.

The Filipino pole-vault superstar, who just had a knee surgery a month ago, failed to vault 5.81m over after exerting a double effort to pass through 5.55m and making a first-try clear on the 5.70m, to tie with World No. 3, Sam Kendricks of USA in the 8th spot.

Obiena seemed to have an unsweet connection with 5.81m as this has become his second failure to clear the distance since his 4th placement at the Berlin Meet a week ago.

Meanwhile, in a firm display of Swede domination, reigning Olympic champion Duplantis soared like a free eagle by exhibiting a career-high performance of 6.04m clearance, solidifying his spot for gold as the only competitor who cleared the highest spot in one go.

Earlier, three men were left standing in a pursuit for gold after 5.92m but American bets Chris Nielsen and KC Lightfoot chose to submit and skip 5.98m.

Nielsen snatched silver as Lightfoot completed the podium due to a countback.

Obiena will be seen in action again on February 11 as his campaign continues at the Orlen Cup in Poland.

Edited by Jostle Doen Pilayre