By Justine Juyad

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Official/Youtube via GMA News

Onic Philippines scored a reverse sweep victory against dark horse TNC Pro team 2-1, while RSG PH survived a game 3 thriller against a stumbling Blacklist International in Week 3 of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines Season 9 on Sunday.

The three-time MPL finalist rallied back from a lopsided series opener loss and ruled the next two games to bag their third win of the season as they improved their record to 3-2 (8 points).

Onic showed sense of urgency in the second and went for a 9-0 kill after 9 minutes, powered by Jaylord “Hatred” Gonzales's (Kagura) 4-0-1 KDA, to close out a dominant game in less than 14 minutes and force a decider.

The M3 runners-up stayed composed despite TNC's early violence with their Selena-Paquito combo in game 3, controlling the pace after a 4-0 kill surge and took a 4k gold gap after the first 7 minutes.

Onic became more objective while keeping all their turrets undestroyed after 15 minutes before closing out the game in the 17th minute to take home the win.

Meanwhile, TNC stood strong in the first game as they turned things around from a slow start, with Robee Bryan “Yasuwo” Pormocille's (Clint) finishing with 7/0/5 across his name to help his team draw first blood.

Nevertheless, the uprising team wasn't able to sustain their momentum in the next games as they bowed down to Onic and fell to 3-2 (11 points).

On the other hand, RSG redeemed themselves as they edged the reigning champions in three games to bounce back from back-to-back losses.

Dylan “Light” Catipon was a vital piece for RSG in this series as his timely excellent set-ups powered them to improve to 4-2 (11 points record) and stay on top 2.

RSG became aggressive early in game 1 to take a 2k gold gap in the first 5 minutes and showed their dominance as they went for a 9-1 kill spread.

Light (Ruby) dropped off a gusty clutch set despite being close to foe's inhibitor turret in the 13th minute, with his gumbles soon paying off behind a 5-1 wipeout and a game-winning push.

Both teams battled neck-and-neck in game 2 but reigning M3 World champions managed to take the upper hand after procuring the lord in the 12th minute.

Kiel "Oheb" Soriano's (Beatrix) showed up in the 15th minute as he led a 2-0 clash that paved the way for Blacklist to even the series.

However, Blacklist's had no room for a breather as a dragon went loose in the deciding game.

Light (Chou) took the driver's seat again for RSG's game 3 bid, engineering a lord steal in the 10th minute by thrashing their opponent's jungler Kent Xavier "Kevier" Lopez (Lancelot) out of the Lord's pit with a clutch "Way of the Dragon" combo. 

He did it again to Kevier in the 13th minute as RSG secured the lord anew that resulted in a 4-1 clash and finishing push to wrap up their third week with a win.

Onic will face Echo and RSG, respectively, this coming Week 4.

Edited by Jostle Doen Pilayre