By Eden Eve Lacea

Despite proven claims of the Marcos ill-gotten wealth, President Rodrigo Duterte said that presidential candidate and dictator's son Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. led a simple life with less money.


In an interview with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy on SMNI last Friday, May 6, Duterte mentioned how Marcos Jr. would hitch a ride with him back when the presidential bet ran for senator. 

"You know back when he was running for senator, he would hitch a ride with me. Wherever I am, if he had money back then or none, we would always wonder. He doesn't have money. And back when he didn't, he had a simple life," President Duterte shared. 

His recent statement is contrary to the remarks he made in November last year, wherein he described Bongbong as a "weak leader" and a "spoiled brat".

"I am not impressed. He is a weak leader. That's true, I am not insulting him, because he is a spoiled child, only son," he previously said.

Furthermore, in his SMNI interview, President Duterte even falsely claimed that the Marcos family was not found of any ill-gotten wealth despite the government already retrieving 174 billion pesos from them.

"About the stolen money, until now, they have found nothing," he said to Pastor Quiboloy.

In 2003, official documents from the Supreme Court showed that the Marcos family had illegally obtained wealth and ordered for their bank deposits in Switzerland, which had amassed around $658 million, to be returned in favor of the Philippine Government.

Edited by Quian Vencel A. Galut