By Zamantha Pacariem

PHOTO: Davao News

“I believe what we can expect in the next six years is a new era of unity where the President and the Vice President are going to be working in harmony as that has been their message all along."

This is what presumptive Vice President Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio’s spokesperson and Liloan Mayor Christina Frasco said in an interview on Wednesday, May 11.

According to Frasco, the Marcos-Duterte regime will be a “new era of unity” for the country since both leaders will be working together, instead of opposing each other.

“What we foresee is a very good working relationship that is based on a common and united principle of governance and that is unity and love of country,” she said.

She emphasized that although Duterte-Carpio has always stood firm in her decisions and she values her independence both as a mayor and a person in politics, she has worked “very well” with Marcos.

Meanwhile, she assured that Duterte-Carpio can contribute well, having been a Davao City mayor for two terms and is “very well versed as far as all aspects of local government is concerned.”

“She would also be able to ensure that the local government would have a very good working relationship with the national government that would bode well for our respective constituencies,” she added.

As of May 13, the Marcos-Duterte tandem is currently complacent with both receiving more than 31 million votes, according to the Commission on Elections’ (Comelec) transparency server.

Edited by: Audrei Jeremy A. Mendador