By Daine Mariel Chua

PHOTO: Rappler

As he is about to exit the gates of the Malacañang compound in June, President Rodrigo Duterte took defense against criticisms during his administration, claiming that negligence and shortcomings did not cause the unfinished projects but lack of time.
Speaking before government officials at the new Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) headquarters in Pasig City, Duterte said that it was the best that his administration could achieve within the 6 year-term, reiterating that shortcomings did not lessen their work quality.

He justified that negligence was not the reason because it was not ideal to finish all promises within the given term period, concluding that time was not enough.

“The things that I failed to do, mostly not because of negligence or may mga shortcoming ako but talagang time, Kasi 6 years will not be enough to finish all the projects,” he stated. 
(The things that I failed to do, mostly not because of negligence or my shortcomings but, really, time. Six years would not be enough to finish all the projects.)

The unfinished programs covered the vowed end of the war on drugs within 6 months which was extended to 3 years until now. It was, then, blamed on a lack of checking the depth of the country’s issue. 

Moreover, the realization of the magnitude of illegal drugs only came when Duterte was elected as the president making the hope a ‘farce’ goal. “Undermanned’ Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) contributed to the nearly impossible end of the issue within the term.

The bloody execution of addressing illegal drugs caused controversy as 6,235 killed suspects were reported that human rights groups opposed as they pegged approximately 20,000 death toll and international rights watchdog Investigate PH claimed that the police has been covering up situations behind the suspicious bloody campaign contributing to the unfeasible action plan.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) also reported that only 12 out of 119 flagship programs under Duterte’s initiated “Build, Build, Build Program” were completed which aim for industry development through infrastructure building acceleration.

In the same bid, the administration also failed to stop the repeated unattained promises of different candidates on the Mindanao Railway as Cagayan De Oro 2nd District Rep. Rufus Rodriguez saw no fulfillment of the claims opposing their hopes to Duterte for being a Mindanaonan president. 

The thought of constructing the Mindanao Railway began in the 1930s creating an 85-year dream that Duterte promised to address said in his campaign. However, the ditched original plan and delayed China loan agreement caused a barrier to starting the project in 2018. 
In addition to uncarried projects, the national land use act, end to contractualization, reinstatement of the death penalty, and transition to federal government failed to be equipped with the president’s signature.

In his State of the Nation Address (SONA) last 2016, Duterte had earlier admitted that he cannot do all announced platforms because of time and not negligence. He, further, apologized if the accomplished plans were insufficient.

The president is set to step down on June 30, the date that president-elect Ferdinand “Bong bong” Marcos Jr., will fulfill his oath of office.

Eited by Kyla Balatbat