By Jostle Doen Pilayre

PHOTO: Rappler

The University of the Philippines (UP) Department of Political Science ordered a public notice on May 21, clarifying that the retired political scientist Clarita Carlos—who has favored presumptive president Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos supporters as an ally—is not among the ranks of their lineup of professors.

“To avoid any misinformation or misrepresentation, kindly refer to the official roster of the regular faculty members, professor emeriti, and professorial/senior lecturers of the UP Department of Political Science, found on our website,” the department said in a Facebook post on Saturday.

Upon the review of the roster, Carlos, who has been widely claimed as a UP professor, especially by Marcos supporters, does not appear anywhere. Her affiliation with UP and reputation as a ‘terror’ professor was used as a defense by some supporters that if Marcos, despite his long list of issues and gaps, clicks her standards, then he can be a good president.

Meanwhile, the premier Philippine university reiterates the importance of a character’s institutional affiliation as it adds credibility to one’s character and influence amongst the Filipinos, particularly during the election period where influence may change the country’s course of history.

“Institutional affiliation matters because it lends credence to the character and credibility of faculty members, especially during the pivotal moments of our nation's history,” added the Quezon-based institution.

According to Carlos, she retired in 2011 and always dressed herself as a retired professor. She said her former department took to heart her identification alongside UP.

“I did not take this unjust, idiotic, and clearly malicious accusation sitting down and challenged those who took this stand to defend their baseless and brainless claims, in a department meeting,” Carlos decries in a Facebook post on Saturday.

Moreover, she also added that the issue was clearly political with her colleagues in her former workplace not supporting the same president.
“One does not need an IQ of 140 to see the real issue here…. It is not about being retired or active…but, clearly, it is about my not worshiping [at] the altar of their chosen candidate,” said the political analyst. 

Meanwhile, UP alumni Carlos was one of the panelists of the presidential debates organized by SMNI, wherein she asked if the president-elect is a ‘good’ Machiavellian—a term referenced to Italian philosopher and writer Niccolo Machiavelli’s work ‘The Prince’.

This attempted connotation has buzzed Carlos into internet fame, with a sizeable amount of pro-Marcos netizens taking the retired professors’ quotes to defend the late dictator’s son.

Edited by Kyla Balatbat