By Gianela Zapata

PHOTO: Screengrab from Ben&Ben Youtube channel

The OPM band’s latest single is a departure from their usual breakup songs, focusing more on feelings of betrayal and angst.

The nine-piece collective dropped the song on June 22, Wednesday. In an earlier social media post, they say they dedicated the track "sa mga hindi paninindigan",  as it follows the release of their other single ‘Panindigan Kita’ last May.

“Bestie, dahil patas ang mundo, may bagong kanta kami para sa 'di pinanindigan,” the band wrote.

The song is about the anger that follows after the end of a romantic relationship. The lyrics tell of a passionate love that ultimately crashes and burns, as well as a the struggle of moving on.

In a statement, the band called ‘Langyang Pag-Ibig’ the song where they “flexed our musicality the most,”describing it as “three pieces in one song” The lyrics “Kung balak mo akong iwan, bat mo pa ’ko minahal?” is both a catchy hook and a devastating line that fans have strongly related to. 

The song was written by the Benjamin brothers Paolo and Miguel. It was arranged by Ben&Ben and produced by Jean Paul Verona, Sam Marquez, and Ben&Ben.

Ben&Ben’s new single “Langyang Pag-ibig” is out now on all streaming platforms worldwide.

Edited by Quian Galut