By Christina Erbon 

PHOTO: Olafur Steinar Gestsson, Ritzau Scanpix / AP

Three dead, three critically wounded, and several were injured in a mass shooting in Field's, a large shopping mall in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Sunday. 

According to Copenhagen Police Inspector Søren Thomassen, the gunman, a 22-year-old Danish man described as an "ethnic Dane," was captured 11 minutes after the attack. 

He furthered there is no indication that the suspect was acting with others, but an investigation is currently being conducted.

Without providing much details, Thomassen described the victims as two "young people" and a man in his 40s.

It was the deadliest gun attack in Denmark since February 2015, leaving two people dead and five police officers hurt.

Investigation is now underway on this incident, with Thomassen reporting that the alleged gunman is the only suspect at this time in connection with the event. 

Eyewitness Mahdi Al-Wazni told Danish broadcaster TV2 that the suspect appeared violent and angry, and “he spoke to me and said it (the rifle) isn’t real as I was filming him. He seemed very proud of what he was doing.”

People were seen fleeing the mall in pictures taken at the site, and TV2 released a picture of a guy being carried on a stretcher.

The neighboring Royal Arena was supposed to host a Sunday night concert by singer Harry Styles, but authorities ordered it to be canceled.

Styles tweeted: “I’m devastated for the victims, their families, and everyone hurting. I’m sorry we couldn’t be together. Please look after each other. H.”

Hans Christian Stoltz, a 53-year-old IT consultant who was accompanying his daughters, remarked, “It is pure terror. This is awful.”

The incident rocked Denmark at the end of an otherwise joyous week following its hosting of the first three stages of the Tour de France bike race, with thousands of celebrating Danes flooding in the streets. 
Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen described the situation as “incomprehensible. Heartbreaking. Pointless,” saying the Scandinavian country had been hit by a “cruel attack” and that “our beautiful and usually so safe capital was changed in a split second.”

In a joint statement, Queen Margrethe, her son Crown Prince Frederik, and his wife Crown Princess Mary said, “We do not yet know the full extent of the tragedy, but it is already clear that more people have lost their lives and that even more have been injured,” adding that “the situation calls for unity and care. ”

Edited by Mary Khezyll Galvan