By Jude Aldrich Allaga


While you’re probably still wowed by the recent additions to hit original Netflix series “Stranger Things,” a pure-blooded Filipina engineer strives to deliver such quality content to your TV screen each day.

Director of Netflix's Encoding Technologies Anne Aaron was included in Forbes' "America's Top 50 Women In Tech" in 2018- and for good reason.

Hailing from Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor of Science in Physics in 1998 and Computer Engineering in 1999, Aaron has worked in streaming firms such as Modulus Video and Dyyno, encoded for Cisco Systems, and has been employed by Netflix since 2011. She then pursued her master's at Stanford University where her research pioneered in the field of Distributed Video Coding.

She began in Netflix as the Senior Engineer for Encoding Technologies, then became the Manager for Video Algorithms in 2014.

Now as a director, she, alongside her team of software engineers, "build software in the cloud that encodes and processes video and images at scale" in hopes of broadcasting TV shows and movies with the best video quality possible to hundreds of millions Netflix users worldwide.

Anne Aaron, as an accomplished woman and Filipina, breaks the stigma that engineering is merely a job for men.

If she were a man, she would be THE man in engineering.