By Rjay Castor

PHOTO: PhilNews.PH

While the intention is just something to laugh at, internet sensation DJ Loonyo felt offended over the 'meme' cover photo of singer-songwriter Janine Berdin’s 'meme' cover photo bearing an online petition to rename Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) after him. 

DJ Loonyo took to Facebook his disappointment, sharing screenshots of his conversation with Berdin on Instagram. 

PHOTO: Screengrab from DJ Loonyo (Facebook)

“Ma’am sorry 🙏 May natira pa ba kayong respeto? May nagawa ba ako sayong mali?” DJ Loonyo’s message reads.

In his screenshots, DJ Loonyo quipped that people who think like Berdin are to be feared. He added that if it’s the other way around, he would probably get bashed and be on headlines instantly. 

“(You’re) better than that for sure. Godless your soul. Weird sh*t… Ini-expect ko yung mga matagal na or kahit papano nauna sa industriya ay kahit papano alam ang 'RESPETO NA LANG SANA'”, he continued.

Berdin’s Facebook cover photo is a screenshot of an online petition seeking to rename the country’s international gateway. The petition also included the text, “DJ Loonyo is the only hero (hawak bayag dance step)”. The “hawak-bayag” dance step is one of his trendy dance moves.

PHOTO: Screengrab from Janine Berdin (Facebook)

DJ Loonyo furthered that people should be sensitive enough because we do not know what they’re going through. He then suggested that Berdin should rename the airport after her because she might have probably wanted it in the first place. 

Taking DJ Loonyo’s advice, Berdin uploaded on Facebook another ‘meme’ photo, this time, with her name on it. She captioned, “sh*t oo nga huhuhuh."

PHOTO: Screengrab from Janine Berdin (Facebook)

Berdin explained that it meant no harm and “it’s really just a meme that (she) found super funny. 

“I just thought it was a petition to just literally change the airport name to you. It's satire. It's poking fun. It's random. No one would actually take it seriously,” Berdin said. 

She further reiterated “it wasn't meant to be degrading at all”, adding that she understands when people poke fun at her since these are just a part of being a public figure.