By Bea Santina Maranan

Lip gloss with flavors inspired by Filipino culture debuted in New York, inspired by their favorite tapsilogan, hapag, and dishes from your local carinderia. Filipinta's latest product created a buzz with its unique and close-to-home idea! 

Photo Courtesy of Filipinta Beauty

"It's no secret that a big part of our food culture involves our very own sauces, and we are highlighting two of the most popular and beloved sauces of all time and turned them into a lip gloss." Filipinta on an Instagram post. 

The New York-based cosmetic brand came up with a lip gloss that tastes just as good as it looks and keeps your lips kissable and lustrous. Filipinta launched Banana Ketchup Lip Gloss and Manang Biday All Purpose Lip Gloss. 

Banana Ketchup Lip Gloss is inspired by the common banana ketchup you eat with your chicken and fries. Everything from the box to the red color and fruity smell. The gloss has the same enticing appearance as your kitchen's banana ketchup. 

Manang Biday All Purpose Lip Gloss is inspired by lechon dip. With a neutral brown shade, this is perfect for girls of all shades. The gloss has a captivating meaty scent. Similar to the lechon you can't wait to devour during fiesta, with All Purpose Gloss, you won't be able to resist yourself. 

The brand claims to practice cruelty-free production. Aside from the glosses, they also sell other cosmetic products inspired by other Filipino condiments, such as the Iced Gems Body Butter and Sorbetes Palette. 

Each lip gloss costs $7, or roughly P400, and can be purchased at Filipinta Beauty's website as well as other products. Both PayPal and major credit cards are accepted. For assistance with placing orders, you can message the company's Instagram page. 

A merger of the words "Filipina" and "pinta" that loosely translates to "face paint for Filipinas," Filipinta Beauty promotes Filipino culture through its goods. Filipinta is a Pinay-owned business established in 2019. The four women behind the cosmetics brand are a visual artist and independent musician Hana ACBD, former model Jasel Donato, publicist Anna Pangalangan, and TV personality and host Joyce Pring.