By Carlos Manuel Eusoya

PHOTO: Filipino

After being discovered by netizens, Usapang Diskarte, a YouTube channel publishing a series of pedophiliac videos which promotes  targeting young girls, was terminated following successive reports.

Senator Risa Hontiveros has previously asked her followers to report the channel, to which also garnered support from the pro-women Gabriela Partylist and Save the Children Philippines organization.

“Facebook, YouTube, PNP Anti-cybercrime group, please have a look. The people behind these accounts should be brought to justice,” Hontiveros remarked in a tweet on Thursday, July 14.
Gabriela Partylist tweeted in support that the said channel is “outright disgusting and enraging” for publicly encouraging sexual abuse on women and children.

Moreover, the senator also urged for the signing of the Anti-Online Sexual Abuse & Exploitation of Children (OSAEC) bill, and reasoned that the implementation of this law would give children the necessary protective measures against sexual abusers.

“These horrifying photos tell us what we already knew: that an Anti-Online Sexual Abuse & Exploitation of Children law is absolutely and urgently needed. I call on the executive to sign the Anti-OSAEC law now. Our children need the full power and protection of this measure,” the senator further explained.

The said bill was ratified by the Senate and House of Representatives on May, which seeks to create a specific offense for OSAEC and underscore the role of private sector, particularly internet service providers and social media companies, to block and preserve OSAEC content identified on their site. 

The Anti-OSAEC bill has been urged to be signed by former President Rodrigo Duterte, but it has still not been signed and is now in the table of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Edited by Andreah Dianne M. Cartagena